The "Superstar" Package is offered with some modifications at customer's request for a cost of $790.00
If you're looking for the top of the line site with very customizable options, this is the package for you.
We will do our very best to customize this package to your satisfaction.
  • 10 pages of text
    • Customer supplied in .wps, .doc or .txt format
  • Up to 25 images
    • Customer supplied (.jpg or .gif) graphics or photos
  • One of 3 combinations of multimedia: 6 songs encoded (MP3 or Real Audio), 4 songs and 1 video clip or 3 Quicktime video clips
    • Songs supplied in digital format (cd).
      Choice of full song or edited clip can be uploaded to site
    • Quicktime video must be supplied in digital format, already edited, not more that 3 minutes each in length
  • Registering your site with Network Solutions for 2 yrs
The cost of this package is assuming you already have an internet address (URL).
See our "Hit Singles" Chart for prices in registering your URL for you.
Also see our Hosting packages if you would like for us to host your web site.
"Superstar" Package