We have created 3 price plans in hope that one will
fit your needs. Don't let the list of services baffle you.
It is our belief that customers would like to know what is offered and what the approximate cost to them will be before they commit to speaking with a representative.
We try to be as flexible as possible with our packages. Just ask about swapping one service or item for another.
We will do what we can within reason.

The "Hit Singles" Chart is basically a guideline for you to follow.
Please email us at quotemaster@acousticisland.com and we will be more than happy to get in touch with you to address just what you are looking for in a web site.

**We will provide each customer with a CD Rom of their completed web site to show others who may not have internet access or just to keep for their own records. We can provide multiple CD Roms or CD-RW (Re-writable CD) for an additional charge. If you have a CD-RW drive, you can use the provided CD to alter the look of your web site while offline and email us (or whomever you choose) the changes.

The 3 packages that we offer are listed below. To see what services you receive with each, click on the link.